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Episode 3 Santa Rita

January 27, 2011

Stills from episode 33rd Episode of New Mexican Santera to air tonight (Jan 26) at 9:00PM on Comcast Encantada Channel 26.  I am so excited to watch tonight’s episode!  In this third episode, I talk about pigments, brush options and begin our first retablo, Sainta Rita de Cascia.  I ge t so carried away with the intro material that I will just only begin the retablo.  But I previewed the material and there was nothing I would want to cut.  So, we’ll be stretching out the Santa Rita retablo over several episodes.

In this episode, I introduce pigment options which include acrylic, watercolor, earthen clays and minerals.  I cover brushes as well.  I recommend a flat, round and liner brush as a basic set to start.  Then, we FINALLY begin painting!  I discuss some basic brush techniques.  I go in with a rough plan of what I want to paint, but I try to share the painting journey with you and make a lot of decisions on camera (which sometimes works out great and sometimes, well…it makes for interesting television, I suppose).

As I paint, I discuss the story of Santa Rita.  She has an intriguing story, married off at age 12 to a wretched man and suffers at his hands for nearly two decades.  Tune in to find out how her story ends 😉  I have posted the PDF of her image for free download.  Just click on the “09 PDF Downloads” to the right and click on EPisode 3-Santa Rita.  I will also make the Santa Rita DVD in its entirety (About 1 1/2 hours) available in the store later tonight.

Saint Rita of Cascia

copyright © 2011 Sean Wells y Delgado

We’re also pleased to announce we just got the notice that Santa Fe Community Comcast Channel 16 will begin airing New Mexican Santera tonight at 9PM as well!  It will also be followed by episode 1 of Jason’s show, New Mexican Tinsmith.

In Summary, Tonight Jan 26:
ALBUQUERQUE Comcast Channel 26 9PM Episode 3
SANTA FE Comcast Channel 16 9PM Episode 1

I am repeating myself, but I have to say thank you to my Dad, Toby Younis at Videotero LLC ( for taking the immense time and energy to produce, edit and promote these videos.  Thanks, Dad!  This adventure is so much more fun with you on board!