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NHCC Retablo Donation Request

February 16, 2011

The National Hispanic Cultural Center is holding their annual NOUVEAU RETABLO 2011 – a fundraiser presented by the Hispanic Women’s Council & NHCC. Proceeds benefit HWC Scholarship Fund and NHCC Arts Education. They invite donations of original retablos from professional and emerging artists for auction.  Artwork due APRIL 15.

Click here for submission forms and guidelines.

I’ve included a snapshot of their gallery page for inspiration.  Click on the image to view the original and to see full size images.

Nouveau Retablo 2010 gallery

I love participating in these auctions.  It’s a great way to give back to the community and just be around positive energy.  This year, they are emphasizing the literal meaning of  “retablo.”  They are encouraging artists to paint on wooden boards.  They are providing artists with 9.5″x10″ boards if you should need.  I just added a basic gesso kit to the online store if you wanted to try making traditional gesso for your board.  It really is a unique experience to paint on such a fine surface.  I’ve also started offering pre-gessoed boards to allow people the opportunity to experience painting on traditional gesso.  If you do end up entering a piece, please send me a snapshot!  I will post my image as soon as I complete a piece for the auction.  I think I will work with the board size they are providing.  I like the idea that all the pieces would be unified by the board size, even if the finished pieces have an independent direction.