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How To Paint Retablo episodes online now!

April 6, 2011

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FREE EPISODES AVAILABLE NOW:  I’ve decided to release the Saint Francis episodes in their entirety so that visitors can get a good sense of a typical show format.  It is one of my favorite retablos and shows.  Dad did a particularly great job editing these.  I also included the last half of the Santa Barbara episode.  It’s another favorite of mine.  To view, under “PAGES,” click on “08 Episode List.”  You’ll find the link to the Saint Francis episodes there.  Ignore the first five seconds where you will see color bars with a tone.  It’s not broken!  We’re working on eliminating those from our Youtube posts.  I’m also working on making a dedicated page for the show information, but so many other things to do, too!  If you get a chance to view the episodes, please send feedback.  Episodes are also available as DVD’s in the online store.

Still image from New Mexican Santrea

click to view Saint Francis part 1

Still image from New Mexican Santera color blocking Saint Francis retablo

click to view Saint Francis part 2

Still image from New Mexican Santera Saint Barbara overhead

click to view Saint Barbara part 2

New Mexican Santera still image

New Mexican Santera still image

DONATE  LINK:  I’ve added a new “Donate” link to the right under “Sean’s Sites.”  I’m hoping to be able to dedicate more time in the coming year to developing content on this site like the Saint Database and profiles of the Delgado family.  Donations would help me do that.  Any contribution is appreciated.

GIFT CERTIFICATE LINK: I’ve also added a gift certificate link so you can now purchase gift certificates that you can then use in the online Delgado Arts store towards anything there including supplies, kits, videos and of course artwork!

TINTERO RELOCATING:  I’m going to do a more complete post on this, but for now, you can check out  Tintero to find out information on my brother’s Gallery & Workshop relocation from the Radisson to Old Town, Albuqueque.  Doors open this Saturday, April 9!  Please come by and say “Hi.”  I will be helping out and may even try some demonstrations if it’s not too crazy!

NEW MEXICAN SANTERA:  The concluding episode on the Saint Michael retablo airs tonight (April 6) on Comcast Encantada TV at 9PM with my brother’s show to follow.

Albuquerque  Channel 26
Santa Fe Channel 16

And…I’ve got an egg-ceptionally cool post that I’m working on for later!…