[05] Ornament Video

Thank you for watching my Q Projects “Stamped Retablo Ornament” video!

Here are a list of great local resources for some of the alternate supplies I mention in my video.

You can find acrylic gesso at most any art and craft store.  It will be near the acrylic paint tubes, typically.  It comes in fairly large jars since most people are covering entire canvases with it.  They now make a spray-on version (around $8).  The acrylic gesso isn’t nearly as fun to work with as the authentic gesso, but it is much more convenient.  It is acrylic, so it has a rather plastic finish that doesn’t absorb the pigments.  The important thing is to sand on a flat surface after applying so that your rubber stamp will leave a good impression.  Both Michael’s and Hobby Lobby offer consumer grade gesso in smaller jars.  It comes in various colors these days, so make sure you are grabbing white!

For traditional gesso, I will have a premixed set available in the online store.

Michael’s Crafts

Hobby Lobby


I am considering including my rubber stamps in the online store.  But, in the meantime, you can check out Stampa Fe in Santa Fe off the plaza.  They have some Guadalupe stamps that would work well for this project.

I had my images made into a custom stamp at www.SimonStamp.com

You can find sufficient brushes and pigments at the craft stores listed above, but if you want an adventure or a treat for yourself, I can recommend Artisan.  It’s where the real artists go.   There is one on Canyon Road in Santa Fe and one in Albuquerque near Nob Hill.

As for brushes, I’d recommend:
For color blocking:  a flat, wide (1/2″) brush,
For outlining:  a liner brush (or a thin brush if you’re not comfortable with the hard-to-control hairs of the long liner brushes)
For general fill:  a medium thin brush.

Michael’s and Hobby Lobby will have some great stringing options in the beading section.  You can find nylon thread (fishing line), leather or faux leather cord (this comes with the kit).  You can also find raffia, which is located n either the floral section or the gift wrap section.  It’s usually significantly cheaper in the floral department.

Preview the Stamped Retablo Ornament video

Purchase the Stamped Retablo Ornament 45min DVD or the Kit


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