[03] Jason Younis y Delgado

5th Generation Artisan  •  Demonstrator  •  Teacher  •  Educator

Learn more about my brother Jason at his website


or his Gallery at


where he offers instruction on tinwork and a wide assortment of artwork by local artists.

Jason Younis y Delgado demonstrating



  1. Jason
    I took a class from yu before, but where can i find traditional patterns. I am not going to do tin punch, but making a stencil that will be 2 1/2″ wide for a border and painting it to look like tin punch.

  2. That sounds like a fun project! Please send us photos of your completed work. Most tin artists are protective with their unique patterns, and designs because the finished pieces become signatures themselves. The best options are to collect some books on tinwork (Jason has a list of good resource books on his website http://www.NewMexicoTinwork.com) and sketch out some patterns based on the traditional work. You can use the conceptual shape of someone’s work, but it won’t be an exact copy since you are interpreting it through your sketch. To insure symmetry, you can fold your pattern in halves or quarters, like a snowflake. I will forward your question on to Jason and maybe he’ll have some better resources. Good luck with your project and thank you for attending one of Jason’s workshops!

  3. Sean’s right. There’s not a lot of pattern resources out there for traditional Spanish Colonial tin. I recommend New Mexico Tinwork and Across Frontiers for their images of traditional work.

  4. Hi Jason
    Wondering if you have decided to join us at the Renaissance ArtsFaire. Please contact me at events@daarts.org

    Thank yiu

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