Ornament Workshop & Event Reminders

May 4, 2011

Sean teaching student
Well, Jason and I successfully taught our first workshop together last week!  Jason’s an old pro having taught countless workshops to a range of students.  But, he invited me to tag along to one opportunity to work with special needs teens at West Mesa Community Center.  The teachers visited with Jason at Tintero Workshop & Gallery and knew their kids would enjoy experiencing the making of Spanish Colonial crafts themselves.  We put together several dozen ornament kits and gave a choice of tin or retablos.  I created a custom dove stamp for the occasion and let the students stamp their own ornament and then paint them using my natural pigment kit.  We divided the groups up, introduced ourselves and our respective crafts and then worked a bit with the students to get them going.  It was really a thrill to watch a whole group create from my preassembled kits.  They were so creative, open-minded and positive, it was a real pleasure.

ornament with cross tie using raffiaI forgot to ask permission to post face pics of students here, but I wanted to share this one piece with you (left).  This girl did a wonderful job painting her ornament, but then she took the raffia I had included with the kit to string the ornaments and she told me she made a cross.  I thought that was so clever.  We talked a bit about the symbolism of retablos and I was moved by her depth of understanding at the concept and her original translation.

We had a wonderful afternoon and would love to teach more classes together.  If you would like to discuss a similar group workshop, just drop me a line (505-500-4419)!

EPISODES TO AIR 5/4/2011 WEDNESDAY NIGHT 9PM:  Conveniently, the special collaborative episode showing Jason and I working together to finish the auction piece for the National Hispanic Cultural Center retablo auction will air tonight in Santa Fe Ch16 9PM.  Albuquerque Ch26 9PM will be showing Episode 03 Introduction to pigments and brushes and SAINT RITA.

AUCTION THIS FRIDAY May 6, 2011  6:00 to 8:30pm.  National Hispanic Cultural Center – Pete V. Domenici Education Building.   The NHCC in cooperation with the Hispanic Women’s Council will be holding their annual auction this Friday and will feature the collaborative Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe image in tin that Jason and I created in episode 13.  We will include a copy of the DVD of this episode with the winning auction bid for this piece.  I plan to go early to see the works by other artists.  There are several notable Santeros participating including Charlie Carillo and Arturo Olivas.  I’m looking forward to seeing their pieces.

Finished collaborative Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in tin frame

copyright ©2011 SWyD

Here’s a shot of the finished piece that Jas and I did.  He added the leaves at the corners.  I enjoyed working on this image with him so much that we may do a larger collaboration of it for market.

Here is the link to the official website for more information on the auction:  www.ABQretablo.com

Jason and I are available for demonstrations and workshops in tandem or individually.



  1. I hereby declare that you will never run out of ideas and ways of putting them into practice!!! Great story!

  2. Thank you thank you! It is my gift and my curse. But, I am just so loving every minute of this year bursting forth with creative energy. Thank goodness technology is finally in a place to help me share all this fun stuff or I would just be walking around the house talking to myself!

  3. You are an inspiration!

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