[11] Articles on Delgados

Sin Nombre (“Without Name”) from the International Folk Art Website and companion book.
Look for “Francisco Delgado” and “Ildeberto Delgado along the left hand side.


Three Hispanic New Mexico Metal Traditions by By Claude Stephenson who is the State Folklorist for the State of New Mexico

Originally appeared in The Wingspread Collector’s Guide to Santa Fe, Taos & Albuquerque – Vol 19
I just stumbled on this one.  It’s a good article on tinwork, focusing on the work of the recently deceased Bonaficio Sandoval who currently has an exhibit at the Spanish Colonial Arts Society.  But, the last paragraph under the “Tinwork” section gives a very nice nod to my Grandmother, Angelina Delgado.



Please email with notes/links if you stumble upon any articles relating to the Delgado Family in the arts.



  1. I’m trying to find out if I have a painting of The Last Supper that was painted by one of you a.d how old it is. It is the Last Supper .

    • Tabitha, I have never painted a “Last Supper” image and i am the first painter of the last five generations. Is it a traditional retablo (painted on a wood board)? Or is it oil painted on tin or canvas? You can email me a pic (sean@delgadoarts.com) and I can give you some feedback. The only Delgado I know of that is a prolific painter is Dean Delgado. He has a very distinct style. I am not directly related to him.

  2. I also have a Last Supper painting on canvas, that is signed Delgado on the bottom left corner. So I am interested in finding out more about it.

    • I also have a Last Supper painting on canvas but it says Delgado on the bottom right. Do I have an original?

      • Tabitha, Dee & Kevin, there are thousands of “Delgado” artisans out there, so I’m afraid I can’t help you too much. If it is a contemporary piece (say 1980’s+) acrylic on canvas, produced locally (Northern New Mexico), it could be produced by Dean Delgado. If that fits your piece, send me a picture and I might be able to confirm as he has a very distinct style. If you believe it is an older, antique piece, here are some things that will be important in your search: country of origin if known, approximate dat of the painting, media (oil vs wood, canvas vs tin) and of course good photos of the painting and signatur. Post them online somewhere so you can link to them when inquiring about them. Good luck!

      • I too have s karge last dupper oainting on bkack material, signed lower right corner in yellowgold is in originsl large frame

      • I also have a last supper painting with Delgado on the bottom right. It’s, painted on velvet.

  3. Hi guys! There are very old velvet paintings featuring religious imagery that may have some value. There are also lots of low-quality, mass-produced images from Mexico and later, America that are not valuable beyond their kitsch value. Here is a link to a museum dedicated to velvet art: http://velveteria.com/

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