Here you will find upcoming events like craft shows, workshops or art displays about the Spanish Colonial Arts.  Click on blue titles for more information.  Please scroll to the bottom to see current workshops and lectures.

Jason is finally ready to start teaching classes at Tintero Workshop & Gallery.  We have started adding classes and free lectures to the calendar.  We’re creating several avenues to allow you to register and to help us get the word out.  We’re going to try to offer one free lecture each weekend and at least two classes!  We also have Laguna Pueblo potter in the queue for classes and lectures!



  1. Aug 27 9AM-12PM TINWORK Workshop  by Jason $75/$55 Seniors.
  2. Oct 29 1:00PM-1:30PM PRESENTATION Doña Sebastiana (The Death Cart) Free to public.
  3. Sept 10 9AM-12PM TINWORK Workshop  by Jason $75/$55 Seniors.


  • TBD Making Traditional Gesso
  • Introduction to Retablo Painting
  • Paint San Francisco Retablo
  • TBD Holiday Ornaments

One comment

  1. Jason; I’am interested in learning tinwork my name is Fran Gonzales. I
    would appreciate it if you would let me know when your next class will be.

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